Sunday, May 30, 2004

at odds

This is one of those days when I feel like I'm at right-angles to the rest of reality. There's nothing really wrong, just a lot of little things going against the grain -- my grain -- as it were.

This morning laundry, then some errands, then over to friends' house so kids could swim. We were there from before 3 until 8. It was mostly uneventful and yet incredibly stressful at the same time. My kids are terrific, but DS2 got a bit whiny from time to time and ended up getting knocked down, but thankfully not run over, by the Silverado Power Wheels that is always a bone of contention whenever we go over there. He wasn't hurt, and was more annoyed by the fact that he didn't get to drive than anything else. Then DD had a (quiet) tantrum because she didn't get to drive, either. The fact that NO ONE got to drive after DS2 got knocked over was lost on her.

Anyway, came home, folded laundry, forgot to take the minocycline at 9:30 like I was supposed to, so now I can't take my iron yet again...I'm getting very annoyed with myself. I can't seem to get my act together with these meds. There are just too many to remember, including FOOD. I need to get up by a certain time so I can eat breakfast and take the minocycline in mid-morning, with enough time before lunch, when I take my first dose of calcium, etc etc etc

There is nothing I want to eat these days. I find it somewhat ironic that I appear to have lost 3 or 4 pounds over the last week while I was eating chocolate cake twice a day. I want sweets but not dairy, chocolate but only the good stuff, which is in short supply around here... oh, I don't know what I want. My tummy seems OK with green and leafy things, but not with tomatoes (uncooked) which is just killing me, because they're so beautiful right now. Meat is OK. Every day at lunch I think, "what should I eat?" and have trouble thinking of anything that even remotely interests me.

I want CAKE!

Hmmm... this could be hormonal (checking calendar...) yep. OK, that explains that. Tomorrow may be a baking day. I'm thinking about making a "lemonade cake", a rich lemon cake that you poke holes in when it comes out of the oven, then drizzle a lemon syrup over it to make a glaze, it's really phenomenal in its high-carb incarnation, and I'd like to (hee) make it low carb...

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