Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Busy day. Very little upheaval, for which I am thankful.

DS2 has this thing now. At just about 8AM he pad-pad-pads into my room and lurks at my bedside until I turn over and look at him (I sleep facing the other side of the bed). Then the conversation goes like this:

Me: Good morning, sweetie.
Him: Good morning, Mom. Will you make me breakfast?
Me: Sure. What do you want?
Him: Ummmm... toast and eggs!
Me: OK, give me a minute.
Him: OK!
(pad-pad-pad out of the bedroom again)

Now, keep in mind, DH is usually downstairs already, hanging around on the computer during this entire exchange. For the life of me, I have no idea why DS2 insists that I make him breakfast, because his dad is certainly equally capable of making his one piece of buttered toast and 2 fried egg whites.

So after about 2 or 3 minutes of wishing I could just go back to sleep, I haul my butt out of bed and take my thyroid meds, do my morning bathroom routine (which often involves sticking my head in the sink, because my hair is going in 16 different directions), throw on some clothes, and start the day.

Today we did breakfast then we went to story time which was OK but once again DS2 insists, very quietly, to me: "There are too many people here!" And all he'll do is sit very quietly, again, on my lap. Although because DD came with us today, that helped. There was a very cute baby there today that they both enjoyed playing with. The baby's mom didn't mind at all, she seemed a little relieved to have someone else making sure the infant didn't fuss -- I have BTDT! It's a nice break, sometimes. You still have to pay attention and all, but you don't have to perform.

The one thing I had going today was a menu. I put the sesame steak in to marinate before lunch, and made the cream scones (kind of like sweet biscuits) for strawberry shortcake after picking up DS1 from school. We all trekked over to the supermarket for some strawberries, and DS1 begged and pleaded for blackberries so I got him some to try. How can I say no? He's actually asking to try new things!

Dinner was awesome... I made a wilted spinach thing that's yum, to go along with the steak, which was fantastic. DD kicked up a fuss and wouldn't even try the spinach, so sorry, no strawberry shortcake for you! Both DS1 and DS2 totally devoured theirs. I was amazed; DS1 has never even strawberries before,and he ate the entire thing, including the biscuit part! What's up with that? I don't care, it was nice to see him actually eating something I baked. He's weird, he doesn't like many baked goods other than cookies.

It was kind of sad how DD went off the rails over the spinach. I didn't expect her to eat a huge serving. All we asked her to do was to take a single, tiny bite and just try it. She wouldn't do it and went into histrionics, so she had to spend a good part of the evening upstairs in her room.

Just now, DH called me upstairs to check them out. DD and DS2 were sleeping in her bed together, heads together like they were just whispering and giggling together and fell asleep that way. Of course that is probably what happened. They were adorable. Sneaky, but adorable. If DS1 wasn't still in school I wouldn't care a bit where they sleep and how much, but he still has a couple of weeks to go... it's too soon to get so silly! It's probably just as well that the 2 little ones left him alone to sleep. At least I hope they did!

The leg bothers me a lot when I stand. Lots of little skin-pulling ouches and itches, jeez louise this thing itches at the stitches and where the adhesive was, in spite of cortisone cream... the bruising finally seems to be fading, a little bit, at least.

Got another call from the girlfriend with the horrible gossip story, and have come to the realization that this story is pretty horrifying and she needs to talk about it to process it. I can understand that, I just wish she hadn't picked me. So I just let her talk and don't say much. I really don't have anything to contribute other than the occasional,"That's too bad," and "You really have to talk to her to find out what's going on." I just kind of let it wash over me and try not to let it affect me. Otherwise, ick.

I was really tired and still feel it a little, but true to my stressed-adrenal form, I'm getting my midnight surge of energy. So I need to haul my ass up to bed before I end up staying awake until 2AM. I've got stuff I should do tomorrow!

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