Friday, May 28, 2004

old bad habits

Stayed up way too late the other night hammering out the June column for LCL Mag. I like it, but I really can't stay up until 3AM writing, it's going to kill me.

So yesterday I was miserable from sheer exhaustion. Went to get the stitches out of my leg, and I'm concerned because there may be a fragment of thread still in there. Plus the area around the incision is itching like crazy because of the various adhesives I've had on it for the past 2 weeks. Sigh.

Had a long conference call with the work guys yesterday, I have a ton of stuff to do for them but am waiting for more information... it is good I have my drop-dead date, because it has given them incentive to move along and get things wrapped up.

Well, have to run off to Target for various errands... I have been neglecting the kiddos by being on the phone and computer too much lately, but I don't get to see my friends so the phone is positively necessary, and as for the computer... I don't have the energy to do anything but sit around, so I may as well sit around on the 'puter, right? I'm sooooo bad.

More research on the minocycline treatment, trying to figure out when/how to take it, because there are so many restrictions: can't take it with food. Or iron, calcium, zinc... all of which I take! Arg. I need a schedule to keep up with it. I don't like to be noncompliant but I don't think my rheumatologist is quite up on this, since she prescribed for me 2x the dosage that is discussed typically online. I have to do more research... this being sick stuff is too much work. Well, let me do that now before I forget...

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