Thursday, May 13, 2004


I'm exhausted and it's only 3PM.

Got up early and got the two little ones to IHOP for DD's preschool breakfast. What a zoo -- actually, the restaurant was quite accomodating. Both DD and DS2 ate very well but DS2 does not deal with chaotic, noisy restaurants very well and he was pretty grumpy.

Then, got to DD's school and hung out for a while and supervised a couple of rounds of Jenga for her and some friends. Today was "bring your favorite game day", so she brought Jenga. The kids who played really liked it, even though it says "ages 8 and up", my kids have been playing since around 2 with no problem. They cheat a little here and there, but not to the point of invalidating the game, and it's very good for hand-eye-coordination, etc.

After a sugar-laden breakfast of pancakes, the kids both got ice cream with toppings -- including new humungous, Shrek m&ms, at snack time, and then had otter pops which the K class was selling! Yikes. A totally sugared-out morning. I did well, although I did eat probably 8-10 of those big M&Ms. They were good. I have no regrets.

After DD's school, DH came and took the kids down to McD's so I could get the cyst removed from my leg. The procedure left me literally shaky, and I'm not sure why. The dr was digging in there for a while (maybe five minutes), but I was well-doped and didn't feel it a bit. I've got 3 big ugly stitches on my inner left thigh now, though. I don't get the wobbly business: I even ate beforehand this time -- got a new LC flatbread sandwich from Quiznos, which was really tasty. But still, I'm a bit shaky.

So,picked up the kids from DH, filled up the gas tank, and more or less crashed at home until it's (now!) time to get DS1...

Still to come today, dinner, cheer practice, getting the kids into bed, all with this stupid pressure bandage on my leg, which is KILLING ME!

Sucks being me sometimes! ;)
I'll get over it.

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