Friday, May 21, 2004

fly by


Managed to do stuff today. Finally got everything packed and shipped (4 different packages). Went up to the mall with the kiddos and got some new undies for me, let them play in the play area for a while. (DD is getting too old, she got bored quickly. It was interesting to see that.) Finally sent off an invoice to my boss. That will be a nice check when it gets here.

Coincidentally, I got back in the mail today my Adrenal Fatigue book that I had loaned to an online friend. I spent a bunch of time with that today, taking the diagnostic quiz again, and came up with a diagnosis of moderate adrenal fatigue. I've been taking 5mg Cortef for a little more than a week now, and haven't noticed much improvement. In fact I feel pretty much the same. Reading through the rest of the book, Wilson dislikes using Cortef as he says it shuts down the adrenals. OTOH, Larrian Gillespie likes using Cortef as it shuts down the adrenals and lets them rest and heal. Honestly, I don't think these people know WTF they are talking about. But I tend more towards Larrian's view, because she specifically talks about how DHEA and Pregnelone affect women's hormonal cycles vs how they affect men. I'm pretty sure most of Wilson's research and advice is based on males... he doesn't even discuss their affects on women vs men, testosterone and the other androgyns... that is pretty important stuff, and should not be ignored.

All I know is, I have a few more symptoms than I had previously (scars turning brown, practically daily headaches, more fatigue) when my endo brushed me off. All she'll want to do is the ACTH stim test, which will demonstrably prove, once again, that I don't have Addison's (I know that already) and will not prove, once again, that my adrenals are struggling. Maybe I need to find another doctor? Sheesh. I don't think so.

Glad tomorrow is Friday, not that it makes that much difference. I am tired.

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Sonii said...

Doing any better with the cortef?
Have been researching it to help my adrenals. Have a Dr. appointment Oct. 1.