Monday, May 10, 2004

busy busy busy


This morning I was so exhausted that I actually drove right past DD's school on the way to drop to her off. Didn't even realize it, either, until she piped up with, "Um, Mom?" When DS1 got home from school today she gleefully informed him of my lapse.

I was so zoned all day I didn't think I'd accomplish anything, but for some reason or other I decided to get off my butt this afternoon, and I put together the two new bookcases for the kitchen, then I reorganized the hall closet and rearranged some other stuff, too. There was a good bit of shuffling things around and a minor amount of cleaning. The upshot is we have a neater hallway, two more cabinets in the kitchen that we can use for kitchen stuff instead of kid stuff and books, and a convenient place to put stuff that doesn't fit nicely on the table while we're eating (the new bookcases). It's nice.

And now I'm really, really exhausted.

Today was day one with my new underthings. The bra is definitely fine -- I had some concerns that the band size would be too small -- and very comfy, and the new "tanga" undies will be fine, too, they just take some getting used to... hee! Now I'm trying to figure out if I should just go back and buy more at the mall, or order them online. I think I may do the online order just because I know they'll have the sizes and colors I want. I feel bizarre spending so much on underwear but I haven't bought any new in a couple of years and it's all falling apart. My experience is if you buy cheap stuff it just falls apart more quickly, so you end up spending the same amount of money. Besides, it's nice to have nice underwear on, even if no one else ever sees it.

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