Saturday, May 15, 2004



Not much going on, really, just life as usual... running around with the kids, dealing with the leg, and my neck and shoulders have tranmogrified into solid rock, giving me a blasting headache. I can't take any more ibuprofen-oid stuff, either, since I'm on the Vioxx. Extra-strength tylenol takes the edge off, and heat packs and stretching help, but it's still pretty brutal.

The kids were great today. They splashed around in the little pool for hours. DS2 became quite grumpy in the evening, any little "no" sent him into a shrieking fit. It's getting quite old, this overly-sensitive phase of his... but now I remember it from when the other 2 went through it, and so it's easier to deal with.

Can't type for anything tonight -- I think the little surgery has caused a flare, my fingers are a bit swollen, and that's probably why my neck and shoulders are such a mess, too. Although if the fibromyalgia is going to start attacking there on a regular basis, I will be so hosed. This headache is approaching migraine proportions... ick. Well, we'll see what happens.

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