Monday, May 03, 2004



Cats fart. Who knew? yuck.

DS2 is slightly under the weather, so today was low-key. Although the morning was affected by my sleeping until 8:37, at which point DH decided to ask me, "Does DD have school today?" Yes, it's Monday, school starts at 9, just like it has all year... ***sigh***

Now, I was a little ticked at DH for letting me sleep so late, but on the other hand... I need to set the alarm. MOST days, I wake up around or before 8, which is just fine. But sometimes I just sleep and sleep and since when I do sleep, it's pretty lousy, I'll take all I can get... except it totally screws up the morning.

Got DD to school by 9:45, which must be some sort of record, at least since the last time I did it, LOL.

So then, home again, gave poor DS2 some Motrin. He just moped around all day.

I did some work with DS1 on his gymnastics homework, helping him find his center and learn to balance. He is so awkward in his own body, but once he figures something out, he gets good at it pretty quickly. He couldn't do a tripod at the beginning of our session, but he could at the end. He also learned how to balance on one foot without wavering all over the place, and how to stand on his tiptoes properly (yes, there is a right way to do it). He is just the type of kid that you have to explain this stuff to, in words. Seeing someone else do it just isn't enough for him. We used the big mirrors in my bathroom so he could see what he was doing and not doing, and I think it helped a lot. So we'll see if he'll do this homework with me again tomorrow. It was really nice to spend some time with him alone, as DS2 and DD were engrossed in playing upstairs - finally!

Need to get some work done, have questions to post to the Mailbag...

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