Friday, September 16, 2005

so-called lives, revived

Acting lives, that is.

I mean, there has to be some coincidence, right? Claire Danes reappeared out of nowhere to co-star in Terminator 3 a few years ago and I thought, "Huh, I guess she's still in the business."

But then, Jared Leto popped up in the heavily promoted, big budget flop Alexander. Whoa. I mean, both have been working, but completely under my radar, I guess. Just another couple of TV actors who tried to make the leap to the big screen and for whatever reason, didn't.

But now? Jared's back again co-starring as Nic Cage's little bro in Lord of War, and Claire has her own upcoming opener, as the titular Shopgirl.

I just watched the trailer for this last, and if Jared Leto had been cast in the Jason Schwartman role, it would have been My So-Called Life for the big screen, little Angela all grown-up and still innocently beautiful and confused about whom she should fall in love with.

For the record: Claire Danes still has gorgeous porcelain skin and amazing hair. And Jared Leto unlike some guys, never outgrew his Jordan Catalano phase: he's still a cutie, too.

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