Wednesday, September 14, 2005

a brief respite from cancer blogging

I am actually living my life while all this cancer idiocy is continuing in the background.

Yesterday morning I had my mammogram, and if there are any problems with it I may just have to crawl into bed for a week. Seriously. But I'm not anticipating any problems -- then again, who does? Let me enjoy my denial while I can, OK?

But then after the squeeze machine, I did my first stint volunteering as an aide in DD's first grade classroom. I was only there for a little over an hour, and I had an absolute blast.

Yes, there were times when five 6-year-olds were talking to me simultaneously and I thought my head was going to explode, but I was only there for an hour, and I got to leave, so it was fun! All but one of those kids belonged to someone else, they weren't my responsibility, I just was there to help out, and I know that I was helpful while I was there.

Then I picked up DS2 from his school, and we both lounged around like slugs until it was time to pick up DS1. Then it was off to the Y, where I swam five whole laps and did not suck air like a dying fish (much), and then the yoga class again (the teacher is fantastic), and then picked up DD, came home, made dinner, etc etc etc.

After the kids got to bed I was exhausted but happy. It was a really good day.

Today was an at-home day, but I did the whole cleaning thing again (DH was too polite to admit he was shocked, I'm a terrible housekeeper.) Didn't vaccuum, but did everything else and made up the beds this time. And I don't even feel like collapsing now.

Cancer can kiss my butt.

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