Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the journey of a thousand miles

-- it's going to take a 100 years at this rate.

No, no, it's good, really. After lunch I had a nap.

Then I got up and packed my gym bag, DS1's gym bag, and made DS1's smoothie. Then picked him up at school and drove to the Y, and sent him off to his practice.

Then I checked DS2 into the childcare center there; he was reluctant to leave the house until I mentioned going to the Y. Then he perked right up, "Can I go to the play center?!" Yes, yes, he was a happy boy.

Then I put on my old suit and my new bathing cap (lycra = not waterproof! What was I thinking?) and my new goggles (awesome) and swam.

Well, I tried to swim. DS1 calls them "25s" and "50s". I did I think 6 25s, possibly 8 but definitely no more than that. I am incredibly out of shape for this kind of aerobic activity. I was exhausted usually before I reached the other side of the pool. Still, it felt very good to be in the water. I'll just have to keep working on it.

Got out of the pool feeling wobbly (all those muscles have no idea what's hit them), took a shower, got dressed, and went to the yoga class. Now that was perfect for my level of (non)fitness, but still difficult. We used a stability ball for a good part of the class and by the end of it, my muscles were doing the little spastic tremor dance again. Whee!

Doing it all again on Thursday, if I can move. Eventually I'll get better.

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