Saturday, February 19, 2005

whine whine whine

I decided this morning to call my endo and see what she had to say. Yes, it is obnoxious to call your doctor with a non-emergency situation during the weekend, however I have had so many problems getting messages to her during the week that I did it anyway.

She agrees that it is an inflammation of my parotid gland.

She doesn't think this is related to my RAI. She expects it to resolve on its own with a little heat, but commented that if it doesn't, or if I start running a fever, I might need a course of antibiotics. She did mention that if it isn't better by Tuesday that I should go in and see her (that's the day she's in the office closest to me).

Honestly, I think she's delusional to not attribute this to the RAI. I made myself a little heat pack out of an old sock and some rice,and it's the perfect size to hold up against my face. The warmth feels good and it did seem to help, but this afternoon it went all spazzy again. Sometimes I get a big rush of salty saliva and it's quite disconcerting.

At Mass in the late afternoon, all the rest of my salivaries started that tingly feeling that usually means you're going to throw up. My stomach is as calm as could be, though, so I know it's just salivary weirdness. The left parotid is starting to ache a little, too, but nothing like the right one -- so far, and I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse.

I've had episodes today of feeling quite unwell -- nothing specific, just general overall ick. I have no idea what's going on, whether it's related to what's going on in my face or my gut or what. Grrrrr.

I slept until 10 this morning and took a nap this afternoon. The major accomplishment of the day was helping DS1 organize his facts and draft his Gila monster project. It is very interesting to see how an 8-year-old's brain works.

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Sheik Yerbootie said...

Look on the bright side of this - you don't have to use any salt.