Tuesday, February 22, 2005

well, that was stupid

I had the dermatologist take the biopsies today from my feet, so I'm in serious pain right now. If you've never had any kind of foot injury, be grateful. If you have had one, you know what I'm going through. It could be worse, though, as both biopsies were taken from fairly high in the instep, meaning I don't actually step on the stitches. If that were the case, I would've only done one at a time. As it is, they're pretty obnoxious. Walking is possible but must be taken slowly. I'm being fairly diligent about keeping my feet up. It minimizes the throbbing pains.

I'm hopeful that this is the worst of it. They only just started bothering me about an hour ago, and I'll be in bed soon -- by tomorrow the worst should be over. It has to be, because even if it's not, I have to do some grocery shopping and other errands, not to mention my two doctor's appointments first thing.

The appointment with the endo went well -- she reviewed the labs and was a bit concerned about the WBC being low; she'll recheck that in March when I get my other labs drawn. She suggested I go to an ENT to have the salivaries checked out but she also said that if it is from the RAI, there isn't anything that can be done. I don't think I'll bother with the ENT just yet. I had a very, very bad afternoon -- after lunch my entire face felt as if it were throbbing, but eventually it subsided. I'm just going to have to ride this out... or add salivary gland weirdness to the list of things I just deal with every day.

The endo did say there was a possibility of a viral infection being the cause of salivary problem, and the depressed WBC would be consistent with that. I am not convinced. She dismissed as inconsequential the protien in my urine, which was OK. I'm expecting to hear more on that same topic when I see the GYN tomorrow.

As usual, I'm wiped out. Biopsies do that to me. I even took a nap this afternoon. That is to say, I passed out on the loveseat while DS2 was watching the SpongeBob DVD we have. It was maybe 40 minutes, but it helped. I still feel generally yucky so we'll see what the other doctors say about all this tomorrow.

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ChaiTime said...


You poor thing. You have so much going on with your body! I'm so sorry. It just seems one thing is being figured out and a new thing crops up. I hope you get relief soon. Sometimes a nice comfortable rut seems like it would be quite wonderful instead of new assaults on our bodies each day. I hope you give yourself a break tomorrow and maybe some friend can help you with the grocery shopping?