Tuesday, February 15, 2005

taking it all in

I've been thinking about some deep topics lately but once again they are back-burnered. For now I'm just absorbing everything and letting the ideas come together the way they will when I don't force them. Today won't be a writing day.

DS2 woke up puking at about 4:30AM, and that more or less set the tone for the day. Fortunately we only had to do two rounds of vomit-related laundry. See how I can find the positive side of nearly any situation? As far as stomach virii go, this one wasn't all that bad; he seemed mostly over it around 10 or so, and by 12:30 he was positively devastated that he wouldn't be allowed to tag along to the dentist with his older brother and sister. He worked himself up so much that he passed out while we were gone and had a good nap as a result. When he woke up, he was positively chipper, and he ate a reasonable dinner.

DD slept away most of the afternoon after doing wonderfully at the dentist, even with the x-rays. She has a tiny mouth and the films are uncomfortable in there, but she was a trooper and they got good shots. I think the Omnicef knocked her out, but the sleep is good for her. She seemed to be running a very low-grade fever after her nap so we dosed her up with ibuprofen before bed. I know she was feeling fine, though, because she kept making snarky comments to her brothers during dinner, which requires a certain amount of energy. DS1 also did well at the dentist but is a bit freaked out by getting a referral to the orthodontist. He was hoping to be spared, but that's highly unlikely given his parents' dental histories.

Tomorrow: all 3 kids in school if they're well enough, and hopefully some time to write.

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Sheik Yerbootie said...

This 24 hour bug has run rampant through the US this year. I haven't been sick in ten years and this year, got nailed with it.

After not being sick for ten years, it was an experience.