Saturday, February 26, 2005

procrastinator extraordinaire

That would be me.

All sorts of stuff going in the real world that don't compel me to write. I finished knitting up the wrap, just have to work in the ends... but haven't. Just like I hung up the new curtains two weeks ago and haven't fixed them properly yet. I just ... haven't.

I did write up all the descriptions for DS2's school's silent auction program. I haven't written March's column yet. I have at least four ideas but am lacking in "oomph".

The salivary glands act up from time to time, but generally are better. I contacted the head of the local ThyCa Support group and she has been wonderfully informative and encouraging in her emails to me. She has been dealing with this condition for 30-something years. Hearing her story is both comforting and enough to make me feel like such a whiner, that is, even more of a whiner than I usually acknowledge being.

My feet are not bothering me too much, finally. I just hope they heal up properly. I have a very nasty scar on my ankle as testimony to how difficult healing those lower extremities can be.

I have been doing pretty well with getting to bed at a decent hour. Even though I stayed up late writing up the program, I was still in bed about 12:30. Last night I totally blew it and didn't crawl upstairs until well after 2:30. Ack! What is wrong with me? Perhaps I was influenced by the humongous margerita I had at Rockfish with dinner (coconut shrimp with insanely good wasabi dipping sauce, crab cakes). Or maybe the tiramisa from La Stalla just put me over the edge? I have no idea. I caught up on all my TiVo'd shows (Monk, Clean Sweep, What Not To Wear [a total waste, it was a guy, just ff'd through the entire thing], DeGrassi, and RFR -- aside: other than 24 and In a Fix, that's pretty much it for my "regular" television) and then flicked on the Guide... what's this? Married to the Mob!

For some reason eighties movies fascinate me. The clothes and hair are so outrageously ugly, but I can remember thinking how stylish and cool they were at the time. I like Michelle Pfeifer as an actress, and I think she had great chemistry with Matthew Modine. Whatever happened to him? I guess he has been busy making forgettable movies.

Anyway, I stayed up to watch it for no good reason, thinking, When I'm dying, I certainly won't be thinking, "Oh, I'm so glad I watched Married to the Mob one last time.".

Fortunately I do have some reasonable instincts on occasion -- DH and I both decided there isn't another movie currently in the theaters that were willing to make a dash for after dinner, and so we just came home. In retrospect it probably would've been better to stay out!

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