Monday, February 28, 2005

(very) small regrets

A few days ago, a friend posted this brain teaser on a board I frequent. He asked, "Can you figure it out?"

Petals Around the Rose

I am very slow on the uptake on these sorts of things. I tried some simple math tricks, but none of them worked, and I knew better than to try and devise something very complicated. The answer would be simple, I knew -- I just had to leave it alone and come back to it enough times and eventually I'd "see" it.

So now I'm kicking myself, because another friend posted the solution and I allowed myself to read it! What was I thinking? (Well, I was probably thinking that I might as well read this now because it will save me wasting time over this silly thing.)

Now I'll never figure it out, and I'll never know whether or not I could have. Rats!

However, I fully plan to torture my oh-so-smart older brothers with this game, this summer. (cue evil laughter)

... knowing them, they'll all figure it out in 3 rolls or fewer. I will have to shame-facedly admit that I had the answer given to me, but I can plead "cancer treatment recovery" as my excuse. Hopefully they won't mock me too badly.

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