Sunday, February 20, 2005

ick, again

Today I just did not feel good. The parotid gland acts up from time to time but isn't as bad as it was at first -- it mostly bothers me when I'm eating, or cooking. The other salivaries kick up from time to time as well, which continues to be disconcerting.

I realized that everytime something new goes "sproing!" that it just takes me a while to get used to it, and then it sort of fades into the background -- that is the story with my lower-back pain, and with my right-sided pelvic pain, too. They're still there, still annoying (about 4 on that pain scale), but the face/salivary stuff is getting all the attention these days because it's new and more immediately annoying.

My digestion continues to be shot, and there are any number of reasons why that could be so. Could be my supplements -- too much Vitamin C or too much magnesium? Could be the thyroid meds. Could be the lingering dregs of that stomach bug (DD came down with an extremely mild case today.) Could be related to the right-sided pelvic pain. Could be something else altogether. Occam's Razor would suggest... what? Any of the first 3 theories is completely legit. But I've cut down on my cal/mag/zinc supplement just the same to see if it helps.

In spite of feeling completely horrid today, I managed to do a few errands with Mom; we visited both Michael's and Joanne's in search of yarn and supplies to make the knitted teddy bear. I'm finding it's impossible to find size 17 double-pointed needles, and I'm balking at spending upwards of $40 in yarn for a bear! So I may downsize the entire project and work it up on smaller needles... it is generally better to do that after having completed the project at least once, as written, but I'm much too stubborn and too cheap to let that deter me.

DH brought home strawberries yesterday and said hopefully, "Maybe we could have strawberry shortcake for dessert this weekend...?" It was by no means anything more than a wistful hope, but when he had the kids out at the park this afternoon I made some cream scones and sliced the berries and even whipped the cream. They were awesome, and so far they haven't made me sick. Here's hoping.

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