Tuesday, February 08, 2005

best carrot ever

This cold has had everyone in its grip for far too long now. For the most part we're doing OK, but the kids have all had varying degrees of grouchiness and bad behavior.

I'm really, really tired of it. What to do, what to do?

"I have two words for you: Disney. Land."

It's my new favorite phrase. I told the kids that I booked the hotel, but that I could cancel like that (snapping fingers). Their eyes grew wide with horror at the suggestion. "If you don't behave yourselves, I will have no problem leaving you here and going to California without you."

The "you" up there is singular, and has been applied to both boys already. DS1 totally dissed his teacher today. We're not sure what is up with that, but it simply has to stop. DS2 has just been a grumpy thing lately. I think it is the cold plus being on the cusp of 4 that is doing it, but I have to be honest here, too. The kid has been a whiny little brat for months on end now. He can be the most cheerful thing in the world, and if you say "no" or "not right now," he immediately goes into shriek-mode. Talk about bipolar disorder... I am hoping and praying that this is a phase he will grow out of, because I am thoroughly sick of it. He never gets his way, behaving like that. Why does he keep on doing it? You should've seen him yesterday -- he carried on for 45 minutes about not having Cheerios as lunch. I proposed them as an addition to lunch, not lunch itself -- he's always hungry again 15 minutes later. That is a hassle I didn't need, but I also didn't need the resultant tantrum.

Even my best "I am not discussing this with you," response didn't deter him from literally screaming at me, periodically every 2 minutes or so, for well over 20 minutes. I didn't even come close to losing my temper: my resolve is like steel. I have had enough of this crap and it's time to put a stop to it.

DS2 is very afraid he will have to stay home and not go to Disneyland (I do know it's one word, and when the older 2 kids find out, they will totally bust me on the way I threatened them). He has excellent self-control when he wants to. Here's hoping the best carrot ever will help him use it a lot more often than he has been, lately.

The funniest thing? Even though he's the youngest, DS2 has the easiest, most natural, best manners of all 3 kids. Whenever anyone helps him out with anything, his "thanks" or "thank you" is automatic and sincere. The other two kids still require nagging, sometimes frequently, but not the little guy. I suppose this too is a phase he could grow out of, but I'm hoping it's a habit that will stick with him for life. It would definitely serve him well.

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