Friday, February 18, 2005


Psyched! I booked our summer vacation flights this afternoon. For slightly more than $1000, you can get a family of four from (nearly) one coast to the other, non-stop. Whoo-hoo!

Of course, you have to plan months in advance and book over the Internet. Easy, for motivated folks like me.

Even though that trip isn't until late June, the excitement of having actually bought and paid for the tickets is enough to make up for my morning, which required dragging my butt out of bed at 6, showering, drinking vast quantities of liquid, and then sitting in traffic on the 101. Fortunately, the traffic wasn't bad -- it was too early for it to be bad!

I arrived right on time and filled out my paperwork. The ultrasound tech called me right on time, bless her, and she was very kind. I survived the exam and the report will be at the doctor's on Monday. I was supposed to call this morning to get my lab work results, but I forgot -- that, too, can wait until Monday.

Day 2 with the painful cheek/jaw thing. I have decided it's not TMJ. I actually posted over at the thyCa forum: "my face hurts." It's a low-traffic forum, so I may not get a response for a day or two or three or ever. That's OK. Sometimes it's therapeutic to just write it all down.

Last night it was the weirdest thing. Whatever this is would twitch, and every time it twitched, I could feel saliva being squirted into my mouth (right along the gum/cheek). It went through quite a period of activity, and then subsided. Still hurts, though, and is feeling rather mump-like. I'm giving it till Monday, and then I'll call the doctor. (Which doctor? I don't know yet!)

All the kids were well again today. I'm grateful.

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Internal Medicine Doctor said...

sounds like a maxilofacial surgery problem vs ENT. you figure it out.