Tuesday, February 01, 2005

February's column

... is up over at LCL. I like my original title, "Oops!" better, but such is life under editors; they've billed it as Fixing Low-Carb Disasters.

When I wrote it, I really liked it. Now I think it's lame. Is that me, or the writing?

The other thing they did was edit out my links to online suppliers of concentrated liquid Splenda. I specifically included these because I know people will be interested in them, and I expect I'll get deluged for requests for suppliers... but then again, maybe no. Way to psych myself into feeling like I have no audience, huh? Sheesh. At any rate, here are two suppliers of unflavored liquid Splenda concentrate that have received thumbs up from other LC-types I know online. I haven't any personal experience with these so I can't vouch for them, but I do trust the opinions of my fellow low-carbers who say these suppliers are both on the up-and-up: SweetzFree and at LoCarber.com. I have had excellent results using my concentrate judiciously, especially for making cranberry sauce!

Funny how I can go from euphoric and confident about the column one week to feeling very unsure and just blah the next.

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