Friday, February 04, 2005


I took DD to the pediatrician today. She failed the hearing screening tests at school twice, and so the school nurse notified us that we should follow up with her doctor. We aren't concerned about it, since there's a good chance the first test was done when she was coming down with strep in December, and the second test was done in January in the midst of her 3-day meltdown -- we never did figure out what was going on then, but she was definitely out of sorts. Maybe she had an ear infection? That could explain it.

Anyway: the pediatrician remarked that I looked much better than when she had last seen me (and DD). She asked if I had gained back some weight, and I more or less lied and said yes -- but honestly, I don't know. Maybe I was in the low 120's then and I'm a little over 125 now, but it's those same few pounds, up and down, as far as I can tell. Who knows? (Those pounds are my scale pounds, which only bear a passing resemblance to real-world pounds, but my scale is still useful for monitoring change.)

I just looked at the pictures in the blog from back then, and I honestly think I looked better, as that was before the RAI. It wasn't so much the RAI itself as the aftermath of the treatment that wiped me out. I don't think I look that different. But what do I know? I'm behind the face, everyone else has to look at it all the time.

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Sheik Yerbootie said...

"But what do I know? I'm behind the face, everyone else has to look at it all the time."

So many comments, so little time.

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