Saturday, September 01, 2007

tactile memory

Walking barefoot across the family room today, I found myself suddenly trying out ballet moves -- just the simple ones, tendu, relevé . I liked the feeling of my foot sliding across the smooth cool wood.

I was never very good at ballet but I still remember quite a bit of what's supposed to be done, since I studied for several years and didn't give it up altogether until I graduated from college. I never "got it" back then; I didn't work hard enough at it. I was just a dabbler.

It occurred to me that I've had classes in studios that were smaller than my family room. Now I wish I could really dance, and take advantage of all that space.


Ross Ruediger said...

That, Joan, is a fucking beautiful post.

To elaborate further would be to take away from the beauty.

Shelby said...

yes- beautiful.

Anonymous said...

1 - Nice floor. We're having ours redone in the living room. Hope it turns out as nice as yours did.

2 - As odd as this sounds, I took ballet in high school. My wrestling coach was a big believer in cross training and felt that ballet would improve our mat skills.

3 - I found out that I'm more of a brute strength and speed type than graceful. :>)

4 - What a wonderful way to spend some time alone in the house - just dance around and have fun.

5 - Great post.

6 - Did I mention what a great post that was?