Sunday, September 16, 2007

quick, quick...

Subbed Friday in kindergarten, the kind of day that is a gift. It's not that the kids were perfect and everything went smoothly -- no, just that I was able to manage all the mishaps. Felt wonderful, and exhausted, by the end of the day. Is it so terrible that I have an absolute favorite teacher, and I love subbing for her, just because of the atmosphere she creates in her classroom? Every time I sub for her, I learn something new about teaching and about my own capabilities.

Saturday, whirl-wind day, trying to get my Torchwood review done amidst a bunch of other stuff. I think I wrote the damned thing over four times, trying to get it to a manageable size while retaining the points I wanted to make. Mostly, it was too much recap, and I need to remember that I don't need to tell the story. I do wish I could have those re-writing hours back, though.

Sunday started with cooking then segued to more re-writing, finally sent off the draft for approval, and then switched to moving furniture (finally) and cooking again, followed by more furniture moving, and culminating in folding four loads of laundry while watching episodes from season 3 of Deadwood. I don't regret not watching it when it was still being produced; I couldn't get past the profanity at the time, and watching it one episode per week would make it difficult to get as invested in the characters as I have become. It's brilliant, and surprising, and now that I think about it, I'm going to be very sad to see the remaining episodes and know that there won't be anymore.

Tomorrow, I can't work as I have an appointment, which is good because I can spend the rest of the day cobbling together a lesson plan for my R.E. (Religious Education) class - fourth, fifth, and sixth graders who will be Confirmed this spring. Classes begin tomorrow at 5PM, so I've got plenty of time.

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