Thursday, September 06, 2007

retail therapy

I don't need anything, so why did I go shopping?

Snippets of my reasoning, if you could call it that:
1) to escape paint fumes

2) to see if there was anything worth buying with the frequent shopper bonus money I'd "earned" -- can't let it expire!

3) I'm sick of all my clothes.

Now, isn't this a lovely dress?

It's a nice lightweight jersey, with a lovely drape, but considering that I've become a bit squishy in parts, it's best worn with these.

What else? This sweater in the gorgeous "Baltic" blue; a button-front A-line denim skirt, and a pair of pants, which practically paid for themselves since purchasing any pair gave an instant 20% discount to the entire purchase.

I'm pretty sure I'll wear it all, if it ever cools down sufficiently. Today's high was just shy of 100, which made a noticeable difference. It's too soon to expect those temps to linger, though. Today was an anomalous cloudy day. Temperatures will go back up for at least a month or so. But then I'll be able to wear all this new stuff very comfortably.

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Scribbit said...

That is lovely, nothing like a pretty dress to make you feel fancy.