Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I love my job(s) (mostly)

I got a hug today from the teacher I subbed for on Friday, and the exclamation, "My kids loved you! Thank you so much!"

Torchwood's reviews are killing me, and I can't figure out why -- I keep starting out recapping and then ditch most of that and find I've only written about two thirds of the review I wanted to write. It's pathetic, and had better improve with practice. I'm starting earlier on this week's episode, I can't stand another weekend like this last one.

Haven't written a recipe or food column in months now, and have guilt about that... but I have just about finished the reconstruction of my ingredients database, which was lost when our computers were stolen in the spring. It never occurred to me to back it up; what can I say? It was stupid. I have a few things simmering on the backburner, so to speak, and they'll get written eventually.

RE (Religious Education) tonight, our first class, went well, I thought, only to have one student saunter up to me as we were queued up at dismissal to announce, in perfect, accent-free English, My Mom wanted me to have a Spanish class for this, because I'm just not getting it. I told the kid I'd speak to the office about it, but frankly I'm mystified. There wasn't much to "not get" in tonight's class, since I spent most of it giving a course outline of the things we're going to cover. Mostly I think the kid does not want to work! We'll see. The rest of the group seems OK. I hope I can keep them coming back until spring when they can be Confirmed. Oh, and my aide is fantastic, she has a really great attitude.

Last but not least, ThyCa has been rather dormant lately, after a brief flurry a few weeks ago when my co-facilitator was out of town. The news on that front is several members of our group are to be interviewed about our experiences for a new women's health website, so that will be interesting.

Of course none of all that would be possible if the big 24/7 job (that would be parenting) wasn't going so well. We've settled into the semblance of a routine, the house is slowing being put back together, and the kids have all stepped up their responsibility in doing homework and their minimal chores (mainly, delivering their laundry to their hampers each day.) It's astonishing, actually.

If anyone had said to me three years ago that I'd be doing all this now, I would've laughed and said he was crazy. It's hard to imagine life with all your kids in school when you've still got little ones at home all day, every day, and especially difficult when you're dealing with a cascade of increasingly serious medical problems. But now I'm well, and I've got time, so I'm finally getting to take advantage of it.

Life's not perfect, nor is it fair, but I wouldn't change it.

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