Thursday, September 06, 2007

awash (painting, day 3)

The house is feeling practically oceanic now.

The painters tackled the stairwell and upstairs hallway; the blue is quite nearly done.

Probably the biggest factor that convinced us to hire professionals for this job: the 20-plus-foot ceiling heights in the stairwell.

Those two little windows up there just add to the fun. The painter had a humongous ladder perched on the stairs for a good part of the day. Scary stuff.

I lack the patience to compose a better shot of the upstairs hallway. Sorry. This is just one corner of it. In addition to the stairs leading up, there are a total of 5 doors which open from this space, plus a large linen closet. The whole thing is maybe 10X8, so you can see why it's not the easiest thing to shoot.

It's shocking how much darker the blue is; it feels as if the stairwell light is off even when it's on. We'll adjust. I love how the blue changes throughout the day, and I love the cooling effect it gives. We spend so many months sweltering here, it's lovely to be able to escape into a home that evokes cool water.

Well, I'm assuming it will be, once we get everything all re-arranged again.

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