Wednesday, August 29, 2007


The floors are done! See:

Typically, today would be a day of moving furniture back into the house and beginning the process of settling in. However, we're still in limbo, because the house is being painted next week, so there's no point in getting everything situated only to have to move it all over again.

Cooper's not going to like it. He had a rough couple of days. Alice, on the other hand, adored the installers and was practically puppy-like in her devotion to them. They were very kind to her. They couldn't figure out what the deal was with her -- most cats are like Cooper and freak out with all the commotion -- until I explained that she's deaf, which explains a lot. She likes a lot of movement and visual stimulation, whereas Cooper was overwhelmed by all that, plus the noise of the saw and the air compressor. Poor baby.

Thank God they've gone away!

Still, both cats are enjoying the smooth, cool floors. Eventually it will be hard for any of us to remember what it was like with the carpet.

Alice doing her best Jawa imitation. Cooper can't stand it when she makes her eyes fluoresce like that.

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Arthur said...

What a brilliant post, glad you've got the floor done and the cats look great.
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