Tuesday, September 04, 2007

here's something different

I discovered scribbit sometime last month while investigating the prevalence of women bloggers. Given that one of my primary topics here at OoS is parenting, you'd think I'd have been more keyed in to the existence of "momblogs"; I had no idea that there was such a huge community. Chalk this one up to failing, yet again, to recognize how niche-filled the blogosphere is.

If you've got an interest, chances are there's a blogging community talking about it.

Scribbit is a fun, diverse blog but one of the things that is driving its success is that Michelle, its owner/author, runs give-aways and contests, weekly and monthly. These are a great way to generate links and traffic, and they provide an opportunity to get exposure for smaller blogs.

This month's Write Away contest's topic is learning. I'd never been inspired to enter a contest before, but for some reason this topic resonated with me, and I knew exactly which post to enter: the person I want to be. So I did. Contest rules request a link back to the contest post (there's that link-generating operation in action), so here it is.

I'm not expecting anything here, but I'm dipping my toe in the waters of momblogging. I've been doing it for years now, outside of the community. Do I want to get into that? I don't know. One of the characteristics of this blog is that it is a jumble of all different kinds of things, personal and analytical, to the point where it sometimes seems schizophrenic even to me. I'm at the point where I don't know where I want this to go, so this little experiment may give me more information to consider in making any decisions.


Scribbit said...

That's one of the reasons I like blogging though, is that you can decide what your blog will be. I hear a lot of talk about focusing your topic, keeping yourself restrained in one area but I like to post about things that interest me--and that's a pretty diverse group of topics. So far it seems to work, and it keeps me writing which was why I started a blog in the first place.

Thanks for your kind words, good luck with the contest!

Anonymous said...



You Go Girl!!!


Good luck?

Anonymous said...

Fruit Salad Trees.

I'll be danged - I never knew about them.

The things you learn here.

Or there.

Something like that.