Monday, September 17, 2007

further note

It has been about two weeks since I switched back to my old combination T4/T3 medication routine. I'm amazed at how much more energy I have, both physically and mentally, and how much improved my mood is.

I had thought my minor depression in August was just the usual end-of-vacation blues, lingering a bit longer than is typical. Now I'm guessing that my low T3 levels (as measured in my pre- and post-Thyrogen labs) were contributing as well.

I gave it a good shot, but now I'm calling that experiment a failure. It turns out I over-estimated how much I was spending on the drug anyway. Since I'm taking only the teeniest smidge (5 mcg) of Cytomel per day now, it's only running me around $50 for three months' supply. That's not so bad, especially considering the beneficial effects.

I'll note that regular exercise and getting to bed at a decent hour also have helped tremendously these past few weeks, in spite of all the disruptions in the house.

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