Thursday, September 13, 2007


Tuesday, subbed in fifth grade, a bit of a rough day but better than the last time I was in there, as I was draconian with the table points, and that helped keep the kids in line. I like much better to give them out when they complete a task efficiently and quietly -- of course I do both, but the take-aways seem to have a much bigger impact.

Wednesday, subbed in kindergarten, and that was a good day right up until dismissal, when I was forcibly reminded of how young beginning-of-the-school-year kindergarteners are. Some get picked up by a parent, some wait for an older brother or sister, some go to aftercare... but as a class, they didn't have the presence to separate themselves into the two main groups (the pick-ups vs the stay-heres), so things were chaotic but we managed.

Today, Thursday, back to fifth grade, that same class, and a terrific morning followed by a rough afternoon. Must've been something in the lunch, because the after-lunch study hall period was a zoo, and everything after that was a struggle; fortunately, their last class of the day is P.E., so I didn't have to shepherd them all the way through dismissal.

Tomorrow, Friday: kindergarten, again. I'm glad I've already done K once to remind me of the extra time that the little ones need to do certain things, and to adjust my expectations of them -- September kindergarteners are a lot younger than May or June kindergarteners. So much growth and change happens in this year, it's amazing, and I have to remember that these kids aren't there yet.

I'm tired today but not wiped out -- I think I'm finally building up some stamina.

The painting is finished and looks gorgeous, but the house is still in near-complete disarray, since I've been working every day, and thus not available for furniture arranging. We'll spend the week-end getting the place to feel like home again.

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Scribbit said...

Busy woman! My week wasn't nearly so exciting.