Wednesday, August 04, 2004

home again, home again


I'm still not settled in, even now that we have been home a week.

And I'm 41 years old now! Whoo-hoo! I'm really hoping that 41 will be a way better year. 39 completely sucked, and 40 was only marginally better (incorporating as it did 2 major surgeries), but now with the minocycline therapy I am feeling much better.

Or, I would be feeling much better if I didn't keep staying up stupid late (that is, later than 2AM, so late I'm ashamed to admit it even to myself, much less DH or anyone else) watching TiVO'd shows or movies on STARZ or something equally stupid. In my own defense, the past couple of days I have had naps in the evening, and that seems to set me up for not wanting to go to bed at a decent hour. Today I got my nap in around 3:30, so hopefully I can get to bed at a human time.

So, I'm not settled because of this stupid new PC. I do love it, but the setup has just been a PITA. I can't get the mail rules to run properly in either Outlook or Outlook Express, when they worked just fine on the old PC. Stupid Microsoft products.

Last weekend I did major shopping for back to school, but also new office chairs -- 3 student chairs for the kids, and a back chair for me. I put them together Monday night, and my hands have been sore the past couple of days as a result. I know this chair is supposed to be good for my back and hips etc but I'm still not sold. The problem is what to do with my feet. I need to pad the bottom bar, where I end up resting the top of my feet... it's kinda hard to describe (and not worth the effort), but for long periods of time, I'm OK, except for my toes/feet! Definitely need to do something about that. It would probably be OK if I had on socks but I'm not about to wear socks when it's 100+ outside. Hee!

My overall energy level has been pretty good (especially considering I've been getting less than 6 hours of sleep a night.)

I've got lots of stuff rumbling around in my brain but no clear desire to express it. I've been frustrated with the kids lately and with my own response to them... it's just something we all need to work through. I'm not looking forward to school, really, since it means a lot of running around. But it will give the kids something else to do besides pick on each other when they get bored!

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