Thursday, August 19, 2004

rough day

Too much time online, not enough time with the kids, what time I did spend with them was ahhhh adversarial even though I didn't lose my temper and do anything stupid, although I'm sure they could see/hear/sense my frustration.

Sometimes they are just contrary...

DD breaks my heart without a thought. I said, "I love you," and she snapped back, "NOT!" She's only 5. What is she going to be like when she's 15? Perhaps my heart will be used to it by then.

So, tonight, video therapy. That's what a lot of these up-to-late nights are, I realized, even though Fast Times at Ridgemont High is not the best reason to not go to bed, hmmm? What a depressing movie.

Doctors tomorrow... rheumatologist for me in the morning, DD in the afternoon. We'll see how that goes. Glad it's Friday and there's nothing I have to do, no homework or reading to enforce. DS1 has done amazingly well with his reading, he read an entire Bionicle book in only 4 days. The "reading time" = "computer time" deal has been very effective so far.

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