Monday, August 09, 2004

magic, technology...

same diff, right?

This is the thought that occurred to me as I cruised up the 101 at about 80 mph today with cold air blowing in my face and nice music on the stereo. It was 108 bloody degrees today. It wasn't all that long ago that life here was pretty darn close to unlivable in the summer months. Now we just suck up huge amounts of energy and make everything, well, wonderful.

I spent the afternoon with my 2 youngest at a friend's house, lounging around in her pool and generally having not a care in the world. Not even sunburn, because of the amazing powers of waterproof SPF 45. Technology rocks!

* * *

I know a lot of women whose husbands drive them crazy. I have my issues with DH from time to time, but in general, he doesn't drive me crazy at all. I don't resent him. He doesn't control me. The relationship works on every level. Of course it didn't always, and sometimes some things break, but then we fix them and move on. I guess the thing that it comes down to is I believe he will always be there for me. I trust him, and from that trust everything else flows.

I am so lucky.

* * *

I have a great tan. I'm sure my dermatologist will lecture me about it when he next sees me, but I don't care. I think the last time I had a tan this good I was still in high school. My ex-husband wasn't much for the beach, never liked the Cape. Y'know, just that and the fact that he was a Yankees fan should've been enough to warn me away, but I was an idiot. Fortunately I recovered.

My hair is getting long now. I can put it up in a pony tail. It's astonishing how long it is, actually. I've had it short for such a long time, and been growing it out forever it seems... now it's just nice to have hair! Plus Elizabeth's cut still rocks, even though it must be 3 months since I've seen her. She is definitely the best. Every time I call for an appointment, I hold my breath thinking, this will be the time they tell me she's not there anymore, and then I'll have to find someone else who "gets" my hair and what to do with it.

Today in the pool was restorative. Also the lack of driving and running around this week was good for me, too, even though I still had too many late nights. I'm feeling a lot better. Whatever minor flare that was affecting my hands and feet seems to have subsided, and even the piriformis is feeling better although still tweaks me from time to time. I just hope I can keep it happy this week with school starting up and all. Transitions suck.

* * *

I avoided a political argument today in one of those blogs I really should stop reading. I just wrote out about 3 paragraphs of political stuff that I decided to delete since I don't want to get into a political discussion here, either. If I believed for one second that there was even a remote possibility of changing anyone's mind, I'd make the effort, but I don't believe it. There is such an unwillingness to even consider another viewpoint that it's astonishing... tolerance and diversity are great, as long as you agree with them. No point in banging my head against that particular brick wall.

Heh. Maybe I am growing up after all.

Last word: I have quit taking the Ambien altogether. It has been 4 or 5 days now and I don't feel too bad. Of course this morning I didn't actually get out of bed until close to 11, having gone to bed after 2. Or was it 3? I can't remember. But 11 wasn't excessively late considering how late I was up. gotta stop doing that... but considering no Ambien, I'm actually feeling pretty good today. The idea of having to take sleep medication for the rest of my life really skeeves me out, so I'll see how I do without it for a while, now that I'm home and we're starting the school routine.

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