Tuesday, August 17, 2004

yes! well... maybe not

I have no idea what's going on with me. I am managing to get stuff done -- stripped the beds, washed the linens, and remade everything today, plus mended DD's dress and finally sewed up that chair cushion -- but still, everything is such an effort. I have a sense of accomplishment, but no sense of pleasure from having done these things. I hope it stops soon.

I had a dentist appointment today, the works. My main reactions: 1) ouch 2) yay! I have some gaps between my gums and my teeth, but they're holding steady (that is, I am not succumbing to periodontal disease), and there was nary a sign of a cavity. That's good. Even the x-rays looked ok, with my troublesome incisor (previous root canal) holding steady for now. I definitely dodged a bullet there, although I know it will eventually need to be dealt with. I just don't want to have to deal with it now.

As I noted earlier, I told LCL that I'd do another column. Like clockwork, that triggered an e-mail from my freelance boss -- I was on a deliberately constructed distribution list, receiving some sensitive info, so I'm encouraged that I am actually still working for the guy, and that he will pay me for that last invoice I sent out. Now I really should be working on that MILC column but I'm whupped now, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

For some bizarre reason, I short-order cooked dinner tonight. Why, why, why? Too many times, I ask questions I am sorry I asked. For example, "What do you want for dinner?" No, that's definitely not the way to do it, I just have to decide for all the peewees what they will be eating, lest I get into the situation like tonight's. It's not that any of them chose anything particularly difficult or time consuming, it was just, well, silly. DS1 had a cheeseburger, DD had a quesadilla, and DS2 had penne in cheese sauce. DH and I had gorgeous spinach salads with avocado, turkey, Salem blue, pecans, tomatoes, cukes, celery, and pecans. I think that's the lot? Yes, that's it, and it was divine.

I have been wanting to eat and eat and EAT lately. That's a cyclical thing, and should be ending in the next day or so. I hope. I could seriously eat a pound of chocolate right now...in some ways I am very much my father's daughter. He had that after-dinner sweet tooth thing, too. I miss him.

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