Sunday, August 29, 2004

spa day

It was so peaceful it was surreal. I may write more about it when I figure out what my final decision about it is. I mean, this was self-indulgence to the point of absurdity. It was very nice, and I really appreciated the experience -- I especially liked the yoga and meditation classes -- but I don't know if I would want to do it again.

During my facial, my lips were exfoliated and now they are sore. (pout)

I learned that having nice scents around is really uplifting. No wonder those candle companies are raking in the bucks. Grapefruit is one awesome scent. On the other hand, I found it grating to have a soundtrack of New Age music constantly running. I know it's supposed to be calming, but I think the best time I had was when, post-facial, post-massage, I sat outdoors and read my book for an hour or so, in the quiet, in the heat, all wrapped up in my big robe.

Those big robes... they are the uniform of the spa. They are awesome, I have to say. For a while I wore mine over my workout clothes, because I was freezing. Later, I wore it over nothing it all, and it's not as if anyone could tell the difference. Still, you see the robe and you wonder: what's s/he got on under there?

Two serendipitous compliments today: first, for my little white Payless sandals... which was just too funny, because there I was spending over $200 (well, DH was spending it) to have just a few hours at this place and I get complimented on my $12 sandals. They are cute, but, c'mon? I'm sure the society lady can find something just as cute for 10x the price (hee). But she was very nice when I said "Payless!" with glee, so maybe she was just a person like me, who'll shop at Payless but still show up at a pricey spa for a day. Who knows? She was kind, and it was a pleasant exchange. She was from Texas, and I said, "Well I bought these in Massachusetts..." then we both laughed because we said at the same time, "I think they have pretty much the same thing in all the stores, though."

Second, after the yoga class, the question: "Were you a dancer?" My response, "A long time ago," yes, I was a dancer, a very bad one, back in college, always taking classes, never getting anywhere with them, but I didn't go into all that. "You have a beautiful arch." My response: "Thank you." Funny thing, even though I have not done Hatha yoga in quite a long time, and haven't had a class in about 15 years, my form was better than I expected. I think I have done a pretty good job of incorporating what I learned years ago about posture and breathing and all that into how I carry myself everyday, and that has made a huge difference. Plus I have some innate flexibility that I never lose no matter how infrequently I exercise. Freaky. I never thought of myself as flexible but there it is. The flipside of that is, no matter how long I train, my flexibility only improves a little from where it is now. It's like I have a flexibility set-point. I can live with it.

I learned a great new piriformis stretch, I will have to show my physical therapist. I really enjoyed that class, it made me want to find one that I can take regularly -- there is one at the Y... hmmmm....

The "motion studio" had skinny mirrors, the kind that make you look taller and thinner than you really are. At least that was my impression. I'm so vain I look in the mirror all the time, but at the studio, it was different, because I actually had a legitimate reason to check my reflection and correct my form. I didn't look like me. It was odd to be able to do everything, in a way. I have felt so betrayed by this body it was bizarre to feel "Hey, I can do this!"

Maybe I am getting well. Maybe I am well already and didn't realize it before. Hmmmm.

It was a good day. I have my mammogram in the morning. That brings up a whole maelstrom of feelings, which will have to be dealt with later.

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