Tuesday, August 31, 2004

touching a nerve

My most recent article in LCL Mag, Snack Attack has generated almost as much e-mail response in only one day as my previous columns had, to date. I was concerned that the subject wasn't "low carb" enough, but apparently I'm not alone in struggling to find decent things to feed my kids -- who won't eat my LC home-baked treats. I am not insulted by that, since they don't eat many store-bought high carb treats, either. They are just picky. But I am stubborn and somewhere in there we find a middle ground and everyone gets adequate nutrition (I hope).

All the responses really perked me up. I was feeling rather dispirited about the MILC venture, but this gives me renewed enthusiasm. Not to mention, something to do tomorrow while DS2 is in school.

Yes, yes, my baby is starting school tomorrow. I know, it's only pre-school. It's only 2 days, 2+1/2 hours each day, but this is a huge milestone. I know I will cry.
I'm welling up now just thinking about it.

DS1 and DD had early release today, and since it was DS2's last day before becoming a "school boy", we went to lunch at Chili's and then Border's. DS2 is now tall enough to get his own drinks from the low water fountain. He has to stand on his very tippy-toes, but he can do it. Once he figured out that he could do it by himself, he went back to get like 6 more drinks and then needed to pee, but that was OK. He handles himself very well in the bathroom, too.

It was a good day. It has been a good week so far. I have had tremendous fun reading blogs and commentary and watching the RNC, although I cried throughout the speeches last night (tonight, not so much, tho I do adore Ahnuld). I am hopeful.

I am trying, as Brother Lawrence wrote, to practice the presence of God. But I am afraid to do as Keeft suggested in his book (Prayer for Beginners)and renounce everything that moves me away from God. I am afraid and I am ashamed of my fear. But at least I know what to pray for, eh? Mostly: help.

I will have to update my list of blog links later this week. I think I will make this a weekly thing -- when I discover someone new I like, I add them to my bookmarks and check back on them from time to time. If they make the cut, I'll add them to this page. Today I discovered via InstaPundit (I think? Maybe it was Althouse) the blog of a young conservative black woman,Nykola.com. She wrote recently about being a philosophical conservative. I find her writing compelling, and I recommend this particular piece because, to use a hideous phrase, "it spoke to me." When I grow up, I want to be like Ambra: I could certainly use her dispassion when it comes to arguing talking points. She articulated a ton of things I had never put into words, and she did it with startling clarity and purpose. Now, I'm a 41-year-old white suburban mother of three, and she's a 20-something black woman, but we look with the same eyes on the world. Or perhaps it is with our hearts that we see the world?

I found Michelle Malkin's interview on O'Reilly tonight to be on the money, as well. It's kind of icky that the RNC is trotting out all the "compassionate conservative" stuff because true compassion is not a handout. True compassion enables people to discover their own abilities and their own success. Michelle rocks. But politics is what it is, and I'm not going to fault the RNC for today's parade.

This has been an enlightening few days on several levels. Tomorrow looks to be an emotional day so I best get off to bed at a decent hour!

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