Tuesday, August 10, 2004

so much for restraint

I don't understand how I can have such excellent discipline in some areas of my life, and yet have none at all in others. I do know better than to get involved in political discussions online. I also know better than to make remarks that can easily be misinterpreted if taken literally. Apparently this knowledge is not enough to stop me from doing both of those things. Heh.

Today I am inordinately pleased with myself because I cleaned out the two junk drawers in the kitchen, in the process of finding the wrench that came with the garbage disposal. Having found the wrench, I fixed the garbage disposal. Yes, I rock! (hehehe)

So, because I was so happy about having fixed the disposal, I took the kids out to lunch at Chili's after we picked up the van at the service center. So much for not eating out as often... we had dinner out last night after dropping the van off (China Lite, "healthy" Chinese food -- really great, although the spring rolls were a little soggy). After lunch, we went to TJ's for groceries, then home to put them away, then dropped off checks at my physical therapist, and then to the barber shop where all 3 kids got shorn for school. They look completely adorable.

They really are good kids. They behave better out of the house than in it... we've been staying in lately because they have been getting on my nerves (and each others'), it would probably have been better to take them out, but I'm getting the feeling that they are depending on me too much to entertain them. There is plenty in this house for them to do... they just need to find the motivation to do it on their own. DS1 gets very bent out of shape if I even suggest he read something. He's going to have to get over that very quickly, with school starting on Thursday!

I have a ton of stuff to do. I really should make a list. At least I fixed the disposal today. And cleaned out those junk drawers! Still have a billion things left, but even little tasks can yield a sense of accomplishment...

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