Monday, August 09, 2004

escape artist


I spent today at another friend's house. She has a lovely pool, too. Her 10-year-old has already started school, but of course her 2-year-old is still home (he'll be 3 in just a few days). She's really a great person to spend the day with, since we are extremely compatible on diet, politics, religion, family... it's nice to find someone I can be so comfortable with. I don't have to worry about any offhand comment I might make being grossly misinterpreted. Not that that ever happens IRL... (hee!)

She has (in spite of the almost-3-year-old) a very "grown up" house. She has really lovely things, so my kids like to go there. Gorgeous travertine floors and serious furniture everywhere and a baby grand piano that is also the most top-notch synthesizer you could imagine. There's an entire music computer in there, and it's pretty much kid-proof so the kids do play on/with it.

So, we had a great day there, playing in the pool and just hanging out. Meanwhile, our house is pretty much still a disaster area -- haven't successfully cleared the counter since we got back from vacation.

Tomorrow there is no escape, as the van is at the service center until noon getting the new door handle. It will be nice to get that fixed, it's a pain having only one door for the kids to go in and out... I've been running around so much I've been pretty successful at avoidng everything that needs to be done. Today was my last official day of summer, I guess. Tomorrow is the last day before meet-your-teachers, and then Thursday starts school... I'll be back to reality before I know it, right?

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