Friday, August 27, 2004


Yay! I submitted my column, after deciding that I couldn't write a treatise on parenting while simultaneously discussing good snacks. I mean, I could, it just wasn't the appropriate venue.

Food and Kids is an infinitely malleable topic. I could write a book. I probably should write a book. Shall I add it to the list? Ha!

I also re-sent my last invoice to my boss on my freelance job. He has always paid me promptly before this, so I expect he was on vacation... I dunno. It's a lot of money so I will become a pest if I have to, but I don't think it will come ot that.

Late naps are simultaneously life savers and killers. I dozed from about 7 to 8:30 (passed out on the futon while the kids watched a DVD and DH did baths, etc), so now I don't feel like I'm dying, but it is after 2AM again. Not good.

I really need to figure out how to do a Links section here. I discovered a couple of great new blogs today, and my favorites folder is getting stuffed. I know I could put them in a sub-folder, but I'd just as soon put them on a page that will be my stuff-to-read homepage. That could work quite nicely.

Something is making me itchy in the evenings: it's either the iron, or the selenium. It's annoying as all get out, because it keeps me from sleeping. I need to look into that!

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