Monday, October 16, 2006

strangely familiar

Today's Bleat pretty much sums up my weekend:
Well, that was an odd weekend. Stayed up too late, woke too early, had every attempt at a nap punctured by a domestic fracas, ate leftovers for every meal, and finished nothing I began. No more of those, please.
Of course it's not entirely accurate, but close.

I spent the entire weekend (pretty much) in yoga pants, which do nothing so well as telegraph I give up.

This week will be interesting/torture: the kids are on school break. I'm looking forward to the significant freedom in the schedule, but I'm also wondering how I will pry the children away from their various video-boxes to do something else. I of course haven't even figured out what "something else" is, yet.

I wish I could've scheduled the lumpectomy sooner. It is weighing on me and I can't seem to wiggle out from under the gloom of potential chemo. I just want to get it over with.

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nina said...

A classic Oasis post! Funny, then poignant -- life, in a week-end.