Thursday, October 12, 2006

got nothin'

The biopsy was non-diagnostic. In other words, there wasn't enough material in the sample for the cytologist to make any kind of a determination.

Basically, I know as much as I did before the biopsy, which is to say, nothing. The definitive answer will come after the lumpectomy on the 24th.


Tracey said...


No Friggin' WAY!!!!


Okay, if I pause for a moment and think about it, perhaps this is a GOOD sign. If there wasn't enough to get a good sample, then perhaps it is a hint that if there IS cancer then it isn't raging?

I'm just trying to think of something positive. I'm so sorry you waited all this time for no answer.


nina said...

I agree with you, tracey. It's more good than bad. It's not screaming "cancer!" at anyone. And, I will bet anything that even if you have a malignant growth, it's an early early one. Which, in terms of breast cancer, is better than great news, as I'm sure you know.

Joan said...

I had this conversation with the assistant I spoke with at the doctor's office, since I have abundant experience with biopsies. My take is that anything that's not positive (that is, malignant), is a good result. I'm fully aware that 'non-diagnostic' means just that, but a day that doesn't include the words "You have cancer," is a good day in my book.

If it's something, we will have caught it early, unlike my thyroid cancer. I'm still thinking this is pretty much a 50-50 thing, it could go either way. Surprisingly, I can live with this for a couple more weeks.