Sunday, October 22, 2006

let's blame the meds

This isn't something I've mentioned at all, but recently I've noticed the scale ticking up, slowly but surely, lately. After spending the last three years hovering around 125 pounds, it feels weird (and squishy) to be closer to 140. More significantly, I'm wondering if I'll fit into any of my cold weather clothes. I am not in the mood to shop these days.

Usually, when I see that little up-tick, I clean up my dietary act and try to move more. I've been doing regular exercises for over a week now, and watching my eating, too. And the scale hasn't budged.

That's just weird, I think. What's up with that? I'm not sitting down with the box of chocolate chip cookies, or eating an entire (large) bag of tortilla chips for lunch. A few -- two or three, not a handful -- dried apricots shouldn't translate into an inch around the hips.

I think I know what's happening, even though it took me a while to figure it out. Friday, the hospital called and we did my pre-surgery interview. The nurse reminded me that I have to discontinue any NSAIDS. I have been taking 4 Aleve a day for about a month now; I have been trying to get a handle on my various chronic pains, and it helps a lot. Plus, with my TMD and related headaches, painkillers have been pretty much mandatory.

So now I'm off the Aleve for the third day, and my head is killing me but everything else is really doing OK, considering. And for some reason, I remember what happened the last time I took Aleve, and why I stopped taking it.

It made me hungry all the time. I don't know whether there's any research on the effect that certain NSAIDs have on the metabolism of people with insulin resistance, but I do know that my Mom said her blood sugar (she has Type II diabetes) went all crazy when she took Aleve.

Of course this doesn't matter for the moment, since I can't take it until after the procedure on Tuesday anyway. But then I'll have to decide: pudgy, or pain-free? By Tuesday, I'll have more data to consider. By then I may even have dropped a couple of these extra pounds. (For the record, I'm aiming for around 132-135; 125 is too skinny.)

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Tracey said...

Man, I'd take 140 in a heartbeat!!!! Sigh...I'm still topping the scales in the (ahem!) 180's. Between insulin resistance, the fact I'm in my forties and my schedule, my poor body doesn't stand a chance. But, I am getting on my fancy-shmancy treadmill this week...if it kills me!