Friday, October 06, 2006

no news

So I called my surgeon's office today to find out if they would be open on Monday. What with it being Columbus Day and all, I'm never sure when doctors in private practice decide to take a day off.

The staffwoman I spoke to told me that the office would be open on Monday but that the doctor is out of town. I told her I was just wondering if there was a chance I could get the biopsy results on Monday.

You're not freaking out on me, are you? she asked.

I almost laughed. Well, yeah, I thought, it's kinda hard not to freak out with the specter of another cancer hanging over my head, but I'm doing OK all things considered... but I didn't say any of that.

I just told her that I have family calling me for news.

She promised to speak to the doctor when the results come in and get back to me asap. So Monday will be the earliest I'll hear, and it may even be later.

The only real news today is that my surgery is scheduled for 7:30AM so I have to arrive at the surgical center at 6AM which is damn early.

The rest of the day was really busy. I need a vacation. Lucky for me, only one more week of school and then the kids have fall break, but I have no idea what we're going to do that week. I'm too fried to think about it.

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