Wednesday, June 02, 2004

when it rains...

it pours...

I had a meeting tonight with the Southern Living at Home rep and we had a blast. We met at Starbuck's like 2 minutes from home, and chatted about all sorts of stuff. We are definitely on the same wave length. I wish I was in a place where I could feel comfortable doing stuff like that. It's cool. We'll see how this catalog-party stuff goes. It's weird, because I really like this stuff, enough to actually do a party-thing... I've been to plenty of other selling parties but never actually wanted to do one before.

Maybe I am just getting weirder as I get older.

Princeton Review called while I was out. They want me to come in for training over 2 killer weekends. I really want to do this job. The pay sucks, but I think it will be a good proof for me of what I can and cannot handle. Also, I think it would be a job I would really like! Argghhhhh!!!!!

That means I have to knuckle down and work on my freelance stuff. It would help enormously if I knew more about what was going on. Gotta call those guys tomorrow... *sigh*

Today was a slightly better day. I made a ton of phone calls I needed to make. DS1 was home sick, and I expect he will be again tomorrow, too. Poor boo. I hope he is well enough to go in on the last day!

I have pt in the early morning. Have to be a good girl and get ready for bed now. I feel pretty lousy, congestion, sore throat, but the RA seems to be OK. I feel kinda bloaty (been eating like a pig all day) but my fingers are not in the least bit swollen. Hmmm. Maybe the minocycline will do the trick? How cool would that be? I can't tell how I really feel, because of this damn cold!

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