Tuesday, June 22, 2004



OK, I just got a reminder email that I hadn't sent in my July column for LCL mag yet. Whoopsy.

And I have tons and tons of real paying work, too! Whee!

On the upside, only 2 more drawers left on DD's furniture. I've spent wayyyy too much time on that, but it is looking pretty nifty even if I do say so myself. I will post pics when it's done (sometime in August, it's not getting finished any time before then...)

I know that on Saturday morning, no matter what, I'll be getting on that plane with the kids. It's just getting what needs to get done between now and then that's a bit problematical.

This is a classic case of over-committing myself... but I never expected this job to go on this long! This is just ridiculous. I was up until 2:30 this morning re-working the home page for the nth time. Why why why (imagine accompanying "bonk" sound effects, as head hits desk)?!?

On the upside, the new computer came today. Not that I have time to set it up and enjoy it or anything like that.

My dearest sis (DS) is meeting me & the kids at the airport. Just to complicate things a wee bit, one of my dear bros (DB4) asked DH if I needed help at the airport. So I called DB4 and had a chat with him today about stuff, but we got into this weird "yes she is, no she isn't" conversation about our Mom. DB4 sees Mom a lot, he spends a lot of weekends at her place... but I also spend a lot of time with Mom, as she lives with us for 2 months every winter. It was very odd for DB4 to flat-out contradict me and say "Ma does not wig out," when in fact, she does wig out. Not drastically or anything, but she can definitely get worked up about stuff... anyway, I just caught a weird vibe off that part of the conversation. Also, I caught the definite vibe of "relief" that he's off the hook for meeting me at the airport.

The whole thing was kind icky, now that I think about it. DB4 says Mom is so excited that I'm "coming home for the summer" or something like that... he said she's making a really big deal of it. That's OK, I guess... but I still don't know why she had to call me at 7:45AM the other day (she knows I don't get up until 8 unless I have to) to ask me what to buy for groceries while we're there. First of all, I don't expect her to feed my entire family while we're there (but she will want to), we can go shopping, too, and hopefully, she'll let us... and second of all, she knows what my kids and I eat because she lives with us every winter and when she does, she takes over a big chunk of the cooking! Oh, I don't know what's going on in her head, but she's making a deal of this, for sure...

I gotta go try and get some work done. I feel like crap but don't know whether it's side effects from the minocycline persisting, or what -- throat and ears feel nasty, so I'll try and get an appointment with the PA tomorrow. Life is too complicated, but if I do have an ear infection, I want to be on meds for it before I leave!

Yikes. Don't know when I'll be back here. This was a good rant. Gotta run.

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