Sunday, June 13, 2004

busy bee

I have been running around doing all sorts of stuff with their kids during the last few days, plus managing to squeeze in some work.

My cold, if it was a cold, is subsiding, although I do still have some junk in my sinuses and occasionally my nose drips. I wonder if it was a cold because I was reading about a common reaction to antibiotic therapy which I am too lazy to link to now, and it sounds exactly like what I went through. So maybe that was it.

My RA is doing OK, actually, with my hands never getting above a 3 or 4 on the pain scale (which is where they usually are), and morning swelling noticeably reduced. At least it seems that way. For whatever reason I have been having headaches, which makes me worry about pseudotumor cerebri, one of the side effects of minocycline, but it's such a rare side effect, and I know for a fact that my neck muscles are like rocks and so this headaches are basically tension headaches... if I can get my neck and shoulders lose, my headache subsides.

I'm actually hopeful about the antibiotic therapy. These past couple of days my energy is up even though I stayed up until 2:30AM one night working. It also helps that I have been on the higher dose of thyroid meds, I don't feel nearly as "freezing" all the time.

Of course right now I could just curl up and go to sleep... just took the kids to the Mesa SW Museum and then to Borders for a snack, then a quick walk over to Marshall's where I found the Artisan French Vanilla sf syrup. Only $4.99 a bottle! Sweet. (hehehe) It's very hot out and having a carb-y snack also makes me sleepy so that wasn't the best combination.

Haven't been writing lately because there has oddly been too much going on and not much going on. A lot of stuff happening, like sick kids and visits and what not, but not stuff I want or need to write about. I just need to wrap up everything in the next -- eek -- TWELVE DAYS before I leave. It's going to be very interesting.

I probably won't be writing much for a while. These next 2 weeks will be taken up with the kids' camp and swimming lessons and finishing up work and getting ready to go. I just hope nothing else blows up in the meantime.

I'm getting very excited about this trip, though. Terrified and psyched all at the same time.... heh. Just have to survive the plane ride out with the kids... once we touch down I'll be able to relax...

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