Monday, June 07, 2004

house o' plague


All 3 kids are sick. I just returned from taking them all to the dr's, bless them, they scheduled a three-fer for me -- had to drop off FIVE prescriptions and a nebulizer should be materializing at our doorstep any moment now. It has been a busy few days.

DS1 missed his last 3 days of school with a stomach virus. By Friday the worst was over, but there was no way I was sending him to school, a strong breeze would've toppled him. By that time we were all stir-crazy so we tried to go see the new HP movie, but DS2 came down with a fever about 40 minutes in, so we had to leave. THAT was excruciating. I was so loving the movie... also, loved the Spider-Man 2 preview, can't wait for that one!

So, got DS2 home, gave him some Motrin, and he slept for 2 hours. That has been his pattern the past 3 days, every afternoon, fever creeps up and he needs a nap. Today I drugged him prophylactically so we could make it to the dr's without him being totally miserable. She pegged his ear infections as about 3 days along. What a coincidence.

Then there's DD. She has this nasty wheezy cough, and you can hear squeaks and pops when she breathes if you listen to her lungs. She's the primary candidate for the nebulizer, although DS1 will get to use it, too, as he has the same nasty cough. Actually, all 3 of them have it... DD and DS2 get antibiotics, but DS1 seems clear of infection, he just needs allergy management which he will get next Friday.

In other news, we moved around furniture in the living room and family room, and DH worked like a dog this weekend and cleaned the carpets in both of the huge rooms... the furniture is much more cosy now. We've moved the piano into the living room. It's really nice, kind of like a "Trading Spaces" thing without the cheapo re-upholstered furniture and bad paint jobs.

I had asked for lab results from my g/e doc, and they arrived on Saturday. Low and behold, my TSH is up to 4.66, which is a huge difference from the 1.25 it was in February. I've scheduled with my endo for the 21st, hoping she will adjust my meds. I feel lousy, but I don't know whether I've got a sinus thing going or what, or if it's my thyroid... ack! More drs. Tomorrow, I go for a dilated eye exam in the morning, lovely. I was supposed to go for physical therapy today, but had to cancel because of the sick kids. I don't have time for all this medical crap right now. I want to be running around and having fun! Well, better to get it out of the way right now, I suppose. If I can.

Friday night DH and I went to the Diamondbacks game. It was disappointing, although we did have wonderful seats. We had a pretty decent dinner at Cooperstown, and I got a blue margarita-thing which was quite tasty. I'm not sure if was the margarita, the pound or so of strawberries I ate at the game, or just the fact that I'm SICK, but I was completely miserable on Saturday. I slept most of the day on the futon or the loveseat while the kids did things in the family room. I can't remember dinner. Oh, wait, I made some burgers on the grill. I felt so lousy I could barely stand up. Was probably made worse by dehydration and lack of sleep. Sometimes I'm stupid (The Count of Monte Cristo, Jim Caveziel, Guy Pierce).

Felt better Sunday, though, and so "encouraged" DH to move the furniture around. Actually, he gave it a lot of thought himself, because he wants to put surround sound in the family room, and has been wondering how it would work with the old furniture arrangement. The fact is, it wouldn't work at all, so he was quite glad to do something different that would. I told him he should buy himself the system he wants for Father's Day. He can set it up and goof around with it to his heart's content while we're away. He deserves it. He deserves whatever he wants!

Friday I had a good telephone call with my boss. I've more or less got my marching orders. I've only managed to work about an hour since then -- the sick kids don't help -- but it should go pretty easily once I get my head wrapped around it, which it pretty much is already. I will hammer out something tomorrow morning, and then take the kids out in the afternoon, I hope we can see all of HP3! But, no going out tomorrow afternoon if I don't get enough of my own work done... I have to be disciplined, or I will be screwed! Can't have that.

Enough for now, have to think about dinner, never know what to do these days.

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