Friday, June 18, 2004

fly by


Don't have time to think these days!

Swimming lessons, doctor's appointments, sick kids... but managed to have a great date with DH last night, when to early dinner at Majerle's, then to the DBacks-Yankees game, and we actually won, 6-1, it was awesome. Very nice evening, we both really savored it since it's our last date before I leave with the kids.

More good news: our desk is coming tomorrow, and the new computer has already shipped! Yay!!! That means we will be able to get everything all set up before I leave. I hope!

I re-worked the home page and sent it off to my boss, and he really liked it... whew! Tons more work to do for this weekend. Before I go on vacation, i should've earned enough to pay for the new computer, the desk, the car rental, and maybe eve the plane tickets. But not all the taxes I owe on my earnings, LOL! It's a cash flow thing, mostly... heh. Anyway, I'm glad to be getting the stuff done, producing things they like, and earning.

Gotta run... DS1 goes to the allergest now...

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