Sunday, June 20, 2004



I spent all day working on DD's furniture yesterday. Steps: Drill holes for knobs, then light sanding, washing down, priming, painting (3 coats... so much for priming), gluing batting to the fronts of the doors and drawers with spray adhesive, upholstering door and drawer fronts (fabric and staples).

It sounds easy, but I swear, I never get the right tool first time out, or something similarly screwy happens. The pilot holes I drilled for the knobs were too small, but that didn't matter because the screws were too short anyway. I hope I have made my last trip to Home Depot for this project today, to get the longer screws. So far I have 2 drawers done and the doors to the highboy. This is the project from "I have no idea how much work is involved in this stuff, so it's stupid for me to undertake projects like this." Hee.

Today I expected to be in major agony from overdoing it with my hands and whatnot, and indeed my hands are achey but I paid enough attention to my sciatica so that I didn't make it worse. I have writing work to do later but for now I'm just going to take a break. The furniture is at the point now where I can wrap it up during the week. I need to save some energy for writing!

DH has decided to go out to eat tonight but not where, and I know it will be mobbed wherever we go because it's Father's Day... oh well. We'll manage. I love him and if he wants to go out to eat, that's fine with me.

I think I'll go start the laundry.

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