Monday, June 14, 2004

ouch, again


PT this morning went fine and I was actually feeling OK until about 4PM when I did something, or maybe I didn't do anything, it just happened, but my hip has been killing me since then. Ouch. This morning she did heat, massage, ultrasound, cold, and electric muscle stimulation, which does feel weird but also good.

She checked my alignment first thing, "Eek! You are so off!" various pushes, pulls, and one POP! later, and my hips are realigned and that helps a lot. I did think at one point she was going to pull my entire leg out of the hip socket, but no. She also showed me how to do it myself, so if it's feeling icky (like now), I could try and re-align myself. Whee!

OK, after PT it was a whirlwind, had to dash home and bring the kids to camp, dropping off their emergency contact cards and paying for this week, then running home to get DS2's stuff for his swimming lesson, and then dashing over there. We were late, he cried about being there, but he actually did swim, so that was OK.

Came home, had lunch (having skipped breakfast entirely, bad bad bad) did about an hour's worth of work, put on a couple of videos for DS2 until it was time to pick up the kids from camp. Then they snacked, lounged around generally until very early (for us) dinner at 5, then I bundled DS1 and DD off for their swimming lesson, which went very well. DS1 could be an excellent swimmer. His kicks are fantastic, very strong and he goes very fast. He just needs to work on his arm strokes and his form.

DD, OTOH, is completely physically unfocused. She splashes around a lot but doesn't go anywhere. We had this same issue with cheer, she's very floppy and wobbly. She needs to learn to direct her limbs better. It's a practice thing, mostly, and it's difficult for her because she is so long and so flexible. She also loves being in the water and in an odd way, that doesn't help. She doesn't have any fear of staying under too long.

So now I'm just cataloging this amazingly exhausting day to warm up my writing muscles, so to speak... heh. I will do more work tonight, I'm just not sure exactly when.

Last night I watched Down With Love which I had recorded some time ago. It starred Ewan MacGregor and Renee Zellweger (sp? on both, I am too lazy to look up...) Anyway, I really love Ewan but this movie just missed the mark, IMO. It was a very reverent spoof of the Doris Day-Rock Hudson movies like Pillow Talk, which it echoed in several ways. The design, the look of the movie, was gorgeous. David Hyde Pierce played the Tony Randall role perfectly, and it was funny to see Tony Randall himself in the old curmudgeon role. But there was just something "off" about Renee and Ewan. I really do love Ewan and this is the first thing of his I just haven't been whelmed by. I know he can act, but he just did not sell me on his Catcher Block falling in love with Renee's Barbara Novak. I think it was Renee, to be honest... she did all the right things and had the right look, but she seemed to be just phoning it in. There wasn't anything beneath the highly stylized surface. Thinking back to Jerry Maguire, I know that Renee can act, so I think in this case it's question of the look of the piece getting in the way of our emotional investment in the movie. And without the emotional investment, it just fell flat.

Now I have also recorded Chicago to watch at some point and I know Renee is in that, too, so I will get to see if it's just Renee (when she's not playing Bridget Jones, whom I adore), or if it was the period piece, or if it was just a lack of chemistry with Ewan. I honestly didn't think that was possible, after watching Ewan with the usually frosty Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge!, one of my guilty pleasure movies.

Well, off to read to moy little guy, who has been waiting quite patiently...

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